Poor Oral Health Is Like A Ticking Timebomb For Dogs… Unless Owners Take Fast Action.

With 80% of dogs suffering from the pain of these symptons, could this be just what your pup needs?

Limited Edition Pet Journal: 9/18/2023, By J. Cole, BACK 40 Dogs Founder

Find out why thousands of smart pet parents are celebrating this natural dental hack

If your pup has terrible breath, or thick brown plaque covering their teeth, then listen up. While these “common” dental issues seem innocent enough, they actually require your immediate attention.

Many owners think bad breath is a fact of life for their beloved pup…

Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is it’s a serious cause for concern if left unattended.

Bad breath is an early warning sign that your dog’s mouth could be swamped with harmful oral bacteria.

And once this bad breath appears, a visible buildup of plaque and tartar can soon follow. At this point, you can’t afford to wait any longer...

And if you continue to ignore this bacterial invasion…

It can soon enter your dog’s bloodstream, causing a chain reaction of health issues around their body - even affecting vital organs.

So, what can you do to target this potentially catastrophic bacteria and keep your dog’s breath fresh?

Well, you’ll be shocked when you discover how simple it can be, thanks to a remarkable new natural 7 second routine. Many owners are calling it a 'must-have canine dental product.’ And it could be the answer for your dog too.

Back 40 Dogs unique Kelp Powder rocketed onto the market in 2021 and immediately started making waves on social media and in the news. Now, it’s one of the highest-rated fast growing pet supplement companies with over 375,367 doses served.

But this isn't just any ole' kelp...

Supports Fresh Breath & Targets Oral Bacteria FAST!

As we’ve established, an explosion of oral bacteria is a huge threat to your dog’s health and wellbeing - not to mention their breath!

Back 40 Dog’s Kelp contains a powerful bacteria-targeting mechanism only found in this plant from this unique gulf in the atlantic ocean.

The dramatic topography and dynamic ocean currents around the ledge in this specific gulf create a unique environment where nutrient- and oxygen-rich waters mix while being exposed to sunlight.

This creates ideal conditions for a spectacular array of diverse marine life both plant and animal.

It combats bacterial build-up in the mouth, which in turn supports overall oral hygiene and the maintenance of fresh, kiss-friendly breath.

7 Seconds A Day Is All It Takes

When you consider how tough it is to look after your dog’s teeth and gums using conventional methods, it’s no surprise that many owners report neglecting their dog’s dental health.

Until recently, the only way to truly clean your dog's teeth was to brush them yourself, which less than 7% of dog owners are able to do successfully...

...or take them to the Vet for cleaning. Not only is this time consuming and stressful for your dog, but it's expensive too! The typical vet cleaning costs $350 for just one time! And that price goes up more when you visit a specialist - at a $4,000 cost!

What truly makes this super food a game-changer is how it’s exceptionally easy-to-use.

Simply add ¼ teaspoon per 25 lbs of your dog’s body weight to their existing meal every day.

Oh, and if you’re worried your fussy pup won’t like the flavor...don’t be!

This powder is tasted and approved by even the pickiest of pups - or your money back!

Caring dog parents report seeing improvement in their dog's health in as little as 28 days (sometimes sooner!), with the greatest results coming after 90 days of using consistently.

Your dog will thank you after adding this amazing natural immune boosting powder - just like Miller here (pictures below)

Miller the Golden Retriever Asking His Mom For More Back 40 Dogs Kelp Powder on His Food

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River, a 7 year old black lab from California, had terrible breath that made kisses and cuddles unbearable. Not to mention he was losing hair due to his severe allergies and weakened immune system from lack of nutrients in his kibble based diet. But after just a few weeks of using this miracle powder from the sea, he was a different dog. Put simply....

All dog parents love this product

And River isn't the only one...

Check out Roxy, just another story from the hundreds of testimonials we get all the time. Her owners can finally receive doggy kisses because the plaque on her teeth vanished!

It's easy to see why this Dental Hack is becoming a must-have for dogs in 2023

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