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Cowboy's Story: Based on (Sorta) True Events
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Cowboy's Story: Based on (Sorta) True Events

For those of you who have been living under a rock and do not know, this is Cowboy, our Founder.

cowboy the cattle dog

Cowboy is an Australian Cattle Dog who hailed from Texas.

He is known for his incredible herding skills and his fearless attitude.

One day, Cowboy found himself by a river where he saw a salmon swimming upstream.

Without hesitation, he jumped into the water and began to wrangle the fish.

The salmon was strong, and Cowboy struggled to hold on, but he was determined to ride it down the river.

As they rushed downstream, Cowboy held tight, using his powerful cow chasing legs to stay on the slippery fish.

The people on the riverbank couldn't believe what they were seeing. A dog riding a fish?

It seemed impossible, but there was Cowboy, holding on for dear life as he rode the salmon down the river.

As they approached the end of the river, Cowboy finally let go of the fish, and it swam away.

The crowd on the riverbank cheered and applauded as Cowboy emerged from the water, victorious.

From that day on, Cowboy became known as the dog who rode a salmon down the river.

His legend spread far and wide, and people would often come to see him and hear the story of his incredible ride.

But Cowboy wasn't interested in fame or glory.

He was just a simple dog, happy to have had a fun adventure and to have shown off his incredible herding skills in a new and unique way.

That is the story of where our drawing on our Wild Alaskan Fish Oil originated.

Haters are going to hate, but the people on the riverbank that day saw something they will never forget ;)

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