BACK 40 Story


Like some of the best stories, ours begins with a dog.

The idea for BACK 40 Dogs was conceived on a dawn patrol trail ride and inspired by my own best friend, Cowboy.

Like all dogs he has one mission in life, and that's to please his owner. I’ve always felt that since he was more active than the average dog he needed more from his food – and being a broke college kid I couldn't afford fancy diets like feeding raw.


Watching Cowboy work on the ranch with as much drive as he does made me realize I wanted to give him the most optimized life possible.

There is something about watching a dog do what they were bred to do that lights us dog nerds up inside.

There are many things that go into a well balanced dog, but nutrition stood out as the one that could make the largest impact in performance and longevity. 

And so began our quest to produce an amazing supplement to add to his existing food that would work as hard for him as he does for me.

BACK 40 dogs certainly wouldn’t exist without Cowboy. The name itself was inspired by him and other working breeds who roam the "Back 40" acres on farms and ranches across America. A tribute to exploring the more remote and untamed parts of wilderness and conquering the unknowns in life.

Since that morning I’m proud to say that BACK 40 Dogs has helped countless dogs to stay out longer, adventure further & optimize time spent and memories made – because every ingredient in every product is strategically selected and sourced right here in the U.S.A, for the invested dog owner.

Our focus has and always will be to provide premium WORKING SUPPLEMENTS FOR WORKING DOGS®. Whether it's a day in the duck blind hunting, long hours driving cattle, a day filled with miles of adventure, or even just keeping your feet warm, give them the natural nutrition they deserve.

-Jack & Cowboy, Founders