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Our Paths Meet

Our Paths Meet

Hey y'all. This is the first blog post for B-40. If you're reading it that means you probably either found us on social media or we popped up in your search results. I want to preface that this blog will be mostly for breed and educational training purposes in the future: breed origins, history, training tactics, owning a dog bred to work and more. 

We want to use this as a place to provide you guys with as much value as we possibly can from our family's generations of dog ownership. We don't claim to be expert trainers by any means, but we are passionate about our four legged companions and have a lot of practice owning them so if you want our perspective or to learn some working and sporting breed history stick around!

If you are already visiting our site we can't thank you enough for allowing us to fill a small part of your busy day. We are a small, family American business and love the community that is growing around our brand. We intend to use this space to also share your stories and adventures with your dogs so please don't hesitate to share! Thanks for being a part of our journey and dream of growing a community around tremendous products that help us optimize our time spent with our furry best friends. You're in the pack now!

-Jack & Cowboy

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