Beef Bites: All Natural Premium Air Dried Training Treats - 16oz

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BACK 40 Dogs Real Beef Bites Recipe Grain-Free Soft & Chewy Air Dried Dog Treats are natural, meaty rewards that are crafted with real premium cut beef and beef heart.

Not all proteins are created equal. At BACK 40 Dogs, we are obsessed with creating & serving only the best ingredients for your best friend.

These protein-rich goodies help build and maintain healthy muscle tissue and energy levels and they contain omega fatty acids for skin and coat health.

Use them as a topper on dinner or as training treats for dogs and puppies to strengthen your bond together!

These dog treats are crafted with natural ingredients and are 100% free from artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.

You also won’t find any corn, soy, wheat or gluten in these grain-free treats!

Like all BACK 40 Dogs recipes, these treats are crafted and cooked in the USA, in facilities that uphold strict guidelines.

Premium & Natural
Better Dog Health
Super Food
100% Money Back
Loyal & Dedicated
Premium & Natural
Better Dog Health
Super Food
100% Money Back
Loyal & Dedicated

About Beef Bites

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7 Seconds A Day Is All It Takes

Why Is My Dog Struggling?

70% of your dog's immune system is based in their gut.

Bacteria within the intestinal tract can significantly influence your dog's physical and psychological health

Your dog's immunity is highly impacted by the food they eat. Dog food is cooked at such high temperatures and intense pressures that many nutrients are destroyed. Your dog eats the nutrient-depleted food his whole life. When fed in this manner, they can develop:

✪ LESSONS                                ✪ EXCESSIVE SHEDDING
✪ CRUSTY SKIN                        ✪ DISEASES


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