Split Deer Antler Chew

Split Deer Antler Chew

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Let your dog gnaw on a taste of the wild!

Keep their minds busy and teeth clean with our naturally shed antlers from deer & elk in the Pacific Northwest backcountry. 

These chews are

  • Organic
  • Durable
  • Long lasting

Antler chews our a terrific way to promote doggy dental health by scraping the tartar and plaque build up off their teeth. 

Not to mention they can keep your busy pup occupied for hours!

Antlers will be of similar size  (7 inches) and shape, however, please note due to natural tendencies there will be variations in each one.

Disclaimer: Antler dog chews are not indestructible as they are a consumable product. Please make sure to dispose of the chew when it gets to a smaller size that your dog could possibly choke on. Always monitor your dogs chewing habits to ensure the safest experience.