Stiff Joints Or Arthritis? Flakey Or Dry Skin & Coat?

Powerful Skin & Coat Care, Joint Support & Brain Booster

Dynamic EPA & DHA source of Omega 3 to hydrate your dog's skin & coat from within for a savory shine.

   Easily digestible source of Omegas to flood your dog's coat with nutrients
   Endorse high functioning joint mobility and lubrication for easy mobility and recovery
   Stimulate brain and cognitive health to keep your dog sharp in the field and at home
   From sustainably sourced salmon and pollock off the coast of Alaska

BACK 40 Dogs products never disappoint. Our dogs have seen amazing results with each product we've tried and the company's values are all you can ask for. With multiple ranch dogs of my own, I am confident they are getting better nutrition than they were prior. Happy to support.

Striker the Malinois

We've had our hands on this for the last couple months and couldn't be more pleased with the results for our hunting lab.

Hunter and his Yellow Lab, Buck

   Keep your dog moving like a pup well into their golden years.
   Help prevent cognitive decline and doggy dementia
   Reduce itching and flakey skin by targeting from within
   Maximize mobility and strengthen joints
   Prioritize heart health and longevity

Why is my dog struggling?

70% of your dog's immune system is based in their gut.

Bacteria within the intestinal tract can significantly influence your dog's physical and psychological health

Your dog's immunity is highly impacted by the food they eat. Dog food is cooked at such high temperatures and intense pressures that many nutrients are destroyed. Your dog eats the nutrient-depleted food his whole life. When fed in this manner, they can develop:







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